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Taking a gap year

Giovanni Rosas, Design and Photography Editor

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Taking a gap year has become a more common option for students graduating high school who still plan to attend college. A gap year is often a break taken between high school and the first year of college. It is not a common decision that teachers and counselors suggest, however there are many benefits to taking a gap year.

Prepare for college

A productive way of spending time during your break would be to refine some academic skills. This is the perfect opportunity to keep your brain exercised and working to be ready to return to school.

Discover what you love

It’s a common occurrence that students will change their major once or twice. Sticking to your major in college will be easier when you’re working towards something you truly enjoy.


Once you’re in college, it’ll be hard to get time to escape the classroom and venture out in the world. Take some time to find new places while you’re young and without worries. You can gain a new perspective on a world much bigger than what you once knew.

Gain experience

College is time consuming. It’s hard to divide the little time you have. A gap year gives a perfect opportunity not only to have fun, but to gain work experience. Improve and add to your resume while you can, and as much as you can.


Moving straight from high school to college can be mentally draining for some. Taking time off will help students reenergize to stay focused and motivated once they enter school.

There are more options after high school other than going straight to college or entering the workforce. Keep an opened mind and decide what the best decision is for you.

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The official student news site for Lancaster High School, Lancaster, CA
Taking a gap year