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Paula Sifuentes, Staff Writer

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In a new TV show series called “13 Reasons Why” viewers are left with unanswered questions and  issues brought up from the show. These issues that were discussed were about cyber bullying, suicide, post traumatic stress, sexual assault, stalking, and bystander effect which were all presented in the matter of 13 episodes. For readers who have not seen the series I will not mention any spoilers, but be aware that these episodes are graphic and emotional. With that being said, for people who did watched the series I want to give a friendly reminder that the events that happened in the show were all fictional.

However, as I previously mentioned, the show touched serious issues such as suicide, rape, and much more.The show reveals to the viewers that these issues are often misinterpreted and misrepresented in our society. The victim of any action such as suicide or sexual assault  is not the one to be blamed. We as a society don’t know everyone, nor can we know exactly what goes on in everyone’s lives. No one can understand what a victim has been through, but they shouldn’t be bullied for what they have done. Society has portrayed these events as a light matter and that these events like sexual assault shouldn’t be a huge problem that continues to happen today. The show does not necessarily depict exactly how these events can happen, but it does display that these issues should not be ignored.

In several episodes it shows the cold reality of how these events such as sexual assault and bullying can occur and the victims don’t know how to reach out for help. For example, for someone who is dealing with sexual assault, not everyone will know this is happening or how this person is feeling. Although a simple matter of trying to talk with someone can help out,but no one will know if the victim doesn’t ask for help. This can also be in other situations such as cyberbullying, and there are so many resources that can help out depending on the situation. As a society we are afraid to help someone out, often because we don’t know how, but it is not acceptable to ignore the issue. Even if it may seem that trying to help someone out is pointless, it is not. It is better to at least take some action than none at all.

There is much more to discuss from the show, but not everyone will understand. Instead of letting these problems such as bullying or sexual assault continue to happen, they can be prevented. Any type of action can help out. Suicide should never be an option, but it often appears to be. If we remind everyone that there are better things in the future, and that there is treatment for many kinds of issues. Therefore we  must remind people that there is someone who does care. We all have bad days, but it shows us when to appreciate the good days.  We can try to prevent these issues like bullying which is happening more and more. Although things like speaking up may seem little,  they can make a big difference.

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