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Fighting to the top

Nagabi Guzman, Staff writer

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Throughout time top athletes are constantly changing in every sport around the globe. An underdog that has stood out these past years in boxing is Canelo Alvarez. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco and is of Mexican ethnicity. Through his older brother, Canelo found his passion for boxing and at thirteen years old he started fighting.  


As years went by Canelo fought his way to the top and gained popularity very quickly. He remained undefeated until he fought the iconic boxer, Floyd Mayweather. On September 14, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada Mayweather became the only opponent he lost to, even up to present day. Although not every loss is a negative, Canelo gained a vast amount of support and rumors were going around that the fight was rigged . Besides the bigger fan base he gained, Canelo became more popular in the boxing industry.

Ironically, Canelo’s current fight that took place on May 6,2017 in Las Vegas,Nevada with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is one of the top fights in his professional boxing career. The 12 round fight was highly anticipated especially when the HBO Face Off interview was released to the public. The professional fighters were sitting across from each other and as questions were asked you could tell by the expression on Canelo’s face this fight was going to be something extremely personal,which the interview comments on.

“Sometimes we do these things,face off, and the fighters are polite and we get the feeling of  it’s just business but this feels like real animosity.”

Further into the interview Canelo is blunt when asked what he thinks about Chavez in comparison to Chavez’s father. Canelo respects Chavez’s father and agrees he is the best in history but when it comes it Chavez his respect is nonexistent.

“In regards to the sport I can’t respect him because to me personally he has done nothing, He has left his country in embarrassment with what he has done with his career.”

By the end of the interview the mood is full of suspense and the stakes get higher when Canelo makes a bet with Chavez.

“You won’t knock me out, I bet your whole purse you won’t  beat me.”

When Canelo won this highly anticipated fight everyone was content then an announcement was made that Canelo will be fighting the unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (Triple G) on September 16 and the crowd went crazy. Canelo is already at the climax of his career and if he wins this next fight his career will rise to a new level.


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Fighting to the top