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Senior cut off

Tia Planellas, Staff Writer

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For the longest of time the overall look of high school has been a lame building filled with cranky adults and even crankier teenagers. This could be a perfect reason as to why I’m in the predicament that I‘m in now, speaking as a 12th grade student struggling to graduate in the last two weeks of my senior year that is.

Let’s start from the beginning, transitioning from middle school to highschool wasn’t difficult, so my freshman year went by pretty smoothly. It was as if it came naturally to me, mostly because I had my siblings and peers telling me that it was going to be hard and will only get harder. Knowing how stubborn I am, I decided to prove them wrong.

Much to my dismay, however, Sophomore year came and everything did seem to get more and more difficult as the year proceeded, but nothing that I couldn’t bear. Junior year was totally a set up, it was almost as if they intended to give me a schedule filled with difficult classes just to watch me fail, even I was surprised when I passed all of my junior classes with passing grades above a D.

The senioritis, as most people call it, definitely started kicking in once the last year of my highschool career started. When you’re a senior in highschool, there’s so many excuses that can be given when you’re getting in trouble for procrastinating on literally everything. You would think that senior year should be filled with doing all the fun things teenagers get to do before having to become responsible, but I’ve come to the conclusion that at the end of the day this is not the last year that I can truly slack off with little to no repercussions, the last year to do that was junior year. After this, after highschool, you’re an adult. Well you have to try to be at least.  While putting aside all the personal issues and the need to justify my choices in life, the real reason why the big fourth year of highschool is so stressful, is because on top of the classes that you must pass in order to graduate, there’s the big standing question: what are you going to do for the rest of your life now?

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The official student news site for Lancaster High School, Lancaster, CA
Senior cut off